Why Network Marketing Business
More Superior?

"BIG business benefits of network marketing is that you can still work and build their own businesses are part-time. Investment risk and also far more KECIL and education available to guide and support you achieve success. In addition, the network marketing system is reversed so that the peak Piramida system open to anyone. Unlike traditional corporate system in the pyramid, which only allow one person to a head the company. "(Robert T. Kiyosaki," Rich Dad's The Business School For People Who Like Helping People ")

Or network marketing business network marketing that have great benefits BANYAK. Even famous authors book "Rich Dad Poor Dad", Robert T. Kiyosaki, overthrow the prejudices many people assume that this is a business marketing business pyramid bersistem that only benefits the individuals who are in the peak of the business.

In his book, "Rich Dad's The Business School For People Who Like Helping People" Kiyosaki says is a network marketing system is the inverted pyramid. That is, the main focus of this business is bringing more and more people in the quadrant to the top of the business owner or in other words the system peak open for everyone.

Conversely, the traditional corporate system that we know this, it is a company with a pyramid system. In this traditional business, its focus is to have the employee (employee) and those who work alone (self-employee) to work on them. And this system only allows one person only achieve peak company. While in the network marketing system, which became one of the benefits is that you will create assets. That is, the owner of the business itself (business owner). The other work under you and your task is to create them and the other business owner to work under them.

Therefore, Kiyosaki recommends to all its employees to consider network marketing as their part-time business, while they also work on the business purnawaktu.
This means that the network marketing business allows everyone involved in it is in quadrant B (business owner), as well as in the quadrant E (employee). Quadrant B is often called a Kiyosaki-book-series in the book as a quadrant of which can bring people into ultrakaya.

To become the person who ultrakaya, according to Kiyosaki, a person must first be in quadrant B (business owner) and I (investor). However, usually only the rich can only be in quadrant I. Because to get the investment money that is needed is very large. Meanwhile, to be in quadrant B, a person must have a large capital, the basic characters and emotional intelligences that very good.

This means that if someone wanted to move from quadrant to quadrant B to E, then he needs a change in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. Because of that, why Kiyosaki says education design a network marketing company is more important than the product design and compensation.

Based on experience and observation of business Kiyosaki-successful businessman, the emotional character and intellect are key factors of success they are. Once they have the character as a person of success, then success came with the business itself. Therefore, Kiyosaki encourage people to enter the network marketing business
provide a good education to develop the emotional intelligences, as well as the expertise of your business.

In addition, the business network also educate those who join with them to become leaders. The value of leadership is what Kiyosaki is considered so valuable in running a business. But besides that, you will be accompanied mentor who will guide you always, so you will never feel alone in this business.

Changing Rules The World
In addition to the advantages of education and character development emotional intelligences, other advantages of this network marketing business is the investment and risk KECIL MORE than traditional business. Because, just as Kiyosaki have to face two-time failure and loss before hundreds of thousands of dollars to obtain such success now.

However, Kiyosaki BERHASIL to remind in this network marketing business, you should join the main motivation in this business is to help yourself as a reason for FIRST and help other people as The second.
Because according to Kiyosaki, most people only join for the money. And if they do not get money in a few months or years, they become jaded, and often stop spreading evil on the network marketing industry.
Kiyosaki also add ..

"the benefits of this business is not measured by how much money you earn, but how many people you bantu and how many people live that to change. ironinya Because indeed, the more people you bantu change his life, you are rich."

One theory that supports the business benefits of network marketing is a LAW METCALF which was created by Robert Metcalf, the creator of Ethernet (a network system in a computer). This law reads:

Economic value of a network ² = Number of Users

In a simple parable that, if in this world there is only one phone then there is no economic value on the phone. However, if you have 2 phone, according to Metcalf Law ekonomisnya a rank value of 2. And if you have a third phone, the economic value that the network is now 9. That is, economic value of a network according to the increased geometrical progression, not arithmetic progression. And this is the strength and value of a business network.

However, all of these advantages, the most surprising prediction is expressed by Kiyosaki in his book "Rich Dad's The Business School For People Who Like Helping People." Kiyosaki predicted a strong possibility the United States stock market akan kolaps, that does not happen more quickly. 2010 is the measurements, because in the year of the generation of baby boomers will begin retiring in the United States. When that happens, the market share is likely to start akan mengempis.

Why stock market will experience deflation? The explosion in stock market since 1990 to 2010 digerakan the boomers who spent their money during the peak of earnings and put money in the stock market for retirement. In the year 2010, a rapid increase in the likelihood akan stop. This means that the boomers will be losing their dream for a financially secure retirement. Meanwhile, also, take about 25 years to recover market share.

This fall will soon take effect snow balls form of bankruptcy, so the more people fear dismissed from their jobs. At the time it is, the more people realize that the Industrial Era has passed and the rules of the world has changed for ever.

In the Industrial Era, aturannya you are working hard and COMPANY, and the government that will take you. While in the Information Era, aturannya is you will get the best with the self. But they also explore opportunities in the financial guarantee business network.

According to Kiyosaki, throughout history, failure to follow all the rapid increase. This could be good news for some people as well as bad news for some other person. However, for the network marketing business, the world is our territory. If we have an international network marketing business, bankruptcy can be a good news as well as with the rapid economic improvement. That is some reason why Kiyosaki see FUTURE network marketing industry are bright.

Conclusion: Why a network marketing business is superior?
• System is a network marketing business Piramida reversed, the peak open to everyone.
• Business network marketing to make people be in quadrant B (business owner)-quadrant where the people-at once ultrakaya also in quadrant E (employee).
• The design of education in business marketing network to build good character and intellect emotional person, as well as their business expertise.
• Business network marketing educate people who join in to become a leader.
• You will be accompanied a mentor to guide you always, so you will never feel alone in this business.
• Investment and risk in a network marketing business KECIL MORE than build traditional corporate business.
• The more you help yourself and help others in the network marketing business, you are growing rich.
• Strength of business networks and value consistent with the geometrical progression and Metcalf law: economic value of a network ² = Number of Users.
• Industrial Era has passed and the rules of the world has changed. Information in this era, the international network marketing business, bankruptcy can be a good news as well as rapid economic improvement.

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