Sebar Luas Aja


The story is concerning about a prince which must look for ingredient medicine for the lovely queen in all of the corner of Kertasura kingdom. The story begins with the queen that always feel suffered on her diseae than the king ask the prince of Kertasura kingdom to find the best ingredients medicine to the south sea.

Queen : oh king, help me, i can’t stand my sick, help me.......!!!!

King : oh my wife, please..... stand for us, this kingdom need you to stay exist. We will never can to stand without you, we will broke. Please queen.

Queen : but king, i really really can’t stand this sickness. Oh no.... help help....!!!

King : oh my queen.............

Adviser : Custodian..custodian..., hurry call for docter now, take him here now, dont waste the time !!!!

Custodian (all) : yes my king, We will take the doctor now. Be patient queen !!!

King : queen, stand or us please, please be patient, the doctor will come!!

Custodian A : excuse me, my honor king; we’ve got the doctor, here is he.

Doctor, come there please, do the best for our queen!!!

Doctor : of course Cust.

King : hurry doctor, come here, check my wife now.

Doctor : of course my honor king.

(diagnosing the queen)

Doctor : oh my god. This is so hard. I doubt I can do this.

Sorry my king, could we talk outside.

King : no doctor, I just want beside my wife all the time. My adviser will go to you.

Adviser!!! Go out with the doctor now.

Adviser : as you wish my king!!!! Follow me doctor.

Adviser : how about your diagnose doctor?

Doctor : as the truth, the queen’s disease was never found before. And I’m so sorry, I need longer time to research about her disease. Than... I doubt that I can heal her disease. I strongly suggest you to find any other better doctor than me.

Adviser : ok, thanks for your kind help doctor. You may come home.

Custodian, take he home.!!

Custodian (all) : let’s follow us doctor!!!

Adviser : excuse me my honor king. I’m sorry disturbing you, let me talk with you about queen’s diseae.

King : all right. What happen?

Adv : doctor said the disease of the queen is never found before. And he can’t heal queen!

King : so what should we do?!!!!!

Adv : ee…….eee………

How about searching for other better doctor!! I heard there is doctor known well able to heal any kind of malicious disease. I will ask the custodian to find him and take him here

King : right, do your best, hurry !!!

Adv : as you wish my honor king!

Adv : custodian…….custodian……………!!! come here!!!!

Cust : what can we do Mr. Adviser?

Adv : have you ever heard about a famous doctor lived in the middle of jungle?

Cust A :famous doctor???

Cust B : live in jungle???

Adv : yes!! Know or not???

Cust A : is he live in the one of the corner of jungle in this kingdom?

Adv : yes!!! What other thing do you know about him?

Cust B : as my known he live in the biggest tree in that jungle.

Cust A : and exactly we know where that tree is.

Adv : that’s great!!

Cust B : do you want us to take him here???

Adv : of course. Go now and take him here!!!

Cust (all) : yes sir!!!

(In front of the door of doctor’s tree house, while knocking the door)

Cust A : excuse me!!!! Excuse me!!!!

Cust B : any body home????

Cust A : hallo!!!!

(The doctor opens the door)

Doctor : yes, I’m home. Sorry waiting too long. I was taking a bath.

Cust B : doc, we are the custodian from Kertasura kingdom.

Cust A : we are here taking a have to take you come to the kingdom to heal our lovely queen.

Doctor : what happen with the queen?

Cust B : she’s getting a hard disease.

Doctor : oh my god!!!

Cust B : The before doctor who check him said that her disease is unknown and never found before.

Cust A : that’s why we are here to take you there as fast as we can.

Cust B : could you go with us now!!!

Doctor : If like that, I sure that I have to go there with you now.

Cust A : thanks doctor, let’s go!!!

Queen : oh king, I think my time is up. I can’t stand this sick again. I’m so tired.

King : please..... stand for us, promise me, you will be okay and don’t said like that again.

Queen : but I can’t, please king, let me go.

Adv : king, the doctor have arrive

King : what?

Adv : the doctor has arrived. Do you let him to check for the queen now?

King : are you mad? Of course yes. Take him here and let him check!!

Adv : as you wish king!!!

Adv : cust, take the doctor to diagnose the queen now!!!

Cust A : yes Mr Adviser. We do it now.

Cust B : come on doctor, follow me!!

King : check my wife now doctor, heal him doctor, please!!

Doctor : of course my honor king!!

Hmmm.. hmmm …. It’s so hard…. Difficult……………..emm…………….. I know……..!!

King : what do you know doc??

Doctor : I know the disease queen getting. But…….

Queen : but what doctor?

King : yes, but what doctor?

Doc : but I don’t have the ingredient medicine to heal queen’s disease.

King : oh my god!!!

Adv : so, what should we do doc? How can we get that ingredient?

Doctor : there is only one way to heal the queen. She have eat the ingredient medicine made from a unique mushroom that can only be found in the South sea, exactly in a cave on the beach of the south sea

Queen : oh my god, its so far.

Doctor : And need to know, after getting in the cave, person who wants to take that mushroom must doing a penance for some day.

King : that’s only?

Adviser : No, he still has to be disturbed by the guard of the south sea Queen. If passed, he can talk to the proxy of the south sea kingdom to take that mushroom.

Queen : that’s too hard, who will do that? I think its better that I just die.

All people there : no, our honor queen, you will be OKAY.

Prince : that’s right mom, I will take that mushroom for you, don’t worry, you will be okay.

King : that’s right queen, our strong son will safe you

Queen : is that right son?

Prince : yes mom, I’m sure.

I’ll go now to take that mushroom.

Adv : king, would you allow prince to go there alone?

King : of course no! Send that 2 custodian to guard my son!

Adv : yes king.

Custodian, you all must guard prince to the south sea to find a magic mushroom to heal our queen, go with him!!

Cust (all) : yes Mr. Adviser!! We always want to keep our prince safe. We promise!

Prince : I feel so tired, how about taking a rest for a while?

Cust A : Of course prince!

Prince : Cust, how long we have walked?

Cust B : About 3 days prince!

Cust A : No, 4 days prince!

Cust B : No, 3 days,

Cust A : no, 4 days

Prince : shut up, dont be noise. I dont care how long we have walk, but when we will arrive?

Cust B : I think not long again sir!

Cust A : How can you know?

Cust B : My feeling said like that stupid, my feeling never fails.

Prince : Stop!!! Its better that we continue walking. Come on!!!!

Cust A : Anyone smell something?

Cust B : Prince, look out, that’s beach.

Prince : You’re right!!! Let’s go there

Cust A : Prince, that’s the cave

Prince : Yes, I see. Lets enter.

Cust B : Where can we find that mushroom prince?

Prince : I don’t know.

Cust A : I think you should do a penance like that be said by that doctor.

Prince : OK, god idea, I will do it now.

Guard A : Oh my goddess, I saw someone enter our cave.

Suryawati : Are you sure?

Guard B : Yes goddess, I still saw. He is a man, handsome man. What should we do? Must I kill him?

Or just make him leave this place?

Suryawati : No, don’t do anything first. Just stay here and do nothing.

Guard A : I agree with you goddess, saw first what will he do, than do what should we do.

Suryawati : Why he do a penance?

Guard B : I don’t know goddess, may be he want to meet you.

Suryawati : Not as easy as his think. If he really wants to meet me, you must disturb him first, if he able passed it, I will meet him.

Cust A : Cust, do you hear something?

Cust B : Ahhhh, it’s impossible any people live here? Sound of the wave I think. Just ignore.

Cust A : That’s good idea, just sound of wave.

Cust B : Sound of wave, so keep silent, don’t disturb the penance of our prince.

Cust A : OK


Guard B : Hii prince of Kartasura kingdom!!!! What are you doing here!!!! Hahahaha hahaha hahaha…..!!!!

Prince : Who are you???

Guard A : I’m the guard of this south sea. So you should answer my entire question.

Prince : Ok, I’m here do penances just want to meet your leader, the south sea king.

Guard B : Why you want to find our king?

Prince : I need to have the magic mushroom to heal my mother because she is sick.

Guard A : Is your mother the queen of Kartasura kingdom?

Prince : Yes, you’re right. So please, let me meet your leader.

Guard B : ok, I will call our leader here


Suryawati : Hi prince from Kertasura kingdom.

Prince : Is that you the leader of south sea?

Suryawati : Yes, open your eyes now! Why you want to find me?

Prince : I just need your help, give me the magic mushroom, I need that mushroom to heal my mom !

Suryawati : Oh, your wanted is so holy, do you really love your mother?

Prince : Of course I love she, she is my mom, the queen of Kertasura kingdom.

Suryawati : Yes I know. Hundred years ago, our ancestors are friend, very close friend. So now I’ll help you.

Prince : Oh, thanks. Thank you very much.

Suryawati : But wait, I have one thing that you have full fill before I can give that mushroom for you!

Prince : What is that, everything it is, I will do! I just want my mom health.

Suryawati : Ok, I just want you to promise that you will marry me after your mom health and recovered.

Prince : Ok, I want marry with you, I promise.

Suryawati : Ok, I believe you, here is the mushroom, take it home and give to your mom. She will be health.

Now, close your eyes and go home fast.

Prince : Cust, wake up, wake up!

Cust A : What’s happen prince?

Cust B : Oh my god, you have got the mushroom?

Cust A : Wow, how can you get it?

Prince : It’s unnecessary to tell you. Now, we just have to go home.

Cust B : Okay, let’s go !!!

Queen : Oh king, how long I have to wait? I am so tired, I can’t wait longer again. I think my time is up.

King : No queen, you can stand, our son will success take that mushroom for you.

Adv : yes queen, trust your son, he is strong, he will success.

Cust A : the prince has come home!!

Cust B : the prince success takes the mushroom!!

Adv : king, that’s the prince, he is home.

King : yes, he is come home.

Queen : king, does you hear that our son come home?

King : yes, I heard.

Prince : Hello mom, I got the mushroom. Come one, eat this.

(After the queen eat the mushroom)

King : how do you feel queen?

Queen : oh king, I feel health now. I’m recovered.

Thanks my son, you are very good, you make me proud.

King : you see queen, your son are well, he can safe your live.

Cust A : he got that mushroom so hard queen.

Cust B : yes, he did it with so many struggles.

Adv : to celebrate this good moment, how about making a big party?

All people : yes, I agree, that’s a good idea!!!

Prince : oh my god, I almost forget, I promise after you recovered, I must married with Suryati, the goddess from the cave of south sea.

King : ok, if you have promise, do your promise. We always support you.

Queen : yes, my son, full fills your promise to her, don’t be a liar. More than, she help me to recovered.

Guard A : how about that the celebration party of the recovered queen changed by marriage party?

Guard A : yes, marriage party between the prince of Kertasura and our goddess, Suryawati?

Adv : Who are you? where are you?

Suryawati : do you still remember your promise to me prince?

Prince : Suryawati, is it you?

Suryawati : Yes, I’m here.

(All people : wow, she’s a goddess.)

Suryawati : do you still remember your promise to me prince?

Prince : of course, do you want marry with me Suryawati,

I love you!!!

Suryawati : I love you too!!!

( All people : suit suit…….. ihiiiiiiiiiiii………ihiiiiiiiiiiii…….!!!!!)

The story end when prince of Kertasura marry with Suryawati and the queen become health. And everyone become happy forever.

King :

Queen :

Prince :

Adviser :

Suryawati :

Custodian A :

Custodian B :

Doctor 1 > Guard B :

Doctor 2 > Guard A :

**> change act after the prince do a penance in the cave of South Sea.

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